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Process-based Internal Auditing, Quality & Environmental, West Midlands, UK : Quality Assurance Services

Auditing: Process-Based

Process-based Internal Auditing is now generally recognised as the 'Engine' that keeps management systems up to date and relevant to the business of the organisation - particularly now that 'Continual Improvement' is a requirement.

Indeed, Auditing is probably the one single factor that has differentiated ISO 9001 from others and has caused the technique to become recognised globally as a primary requirement for all Management System Standards.

Many other initiatives have been proposed over the last 30 years and, after a flurry of activity, have died on their feet or been consigned to the dustbin as 'Nine Day Wonders' or 'Flavour of the Month'.

Even in the best of environments if people know that their work is not subject to audit, details will be missed or 'deferred till later' .......  and then not done at all.

If audits are done, but done badly: eg too feebly, too aggressively, or to variable standards - the results can be disastrous.

For this reason we always emphasise to our clients the importance of careful selection and training of auditors.

Our auditor training is thorough and includes many examples taken from real life on how to do and not to do auditing.

Our formal training includes a minimum of half a day instruction and half a day practical. This can be extended by additional days of 'hands-on' practice or supervised audits led by the Tutor. Feedback sessions and auditor performance reviews using video playback are also available if required. The differences between 'Conformance' and 'Process-based' auditing are explained.

We can also provide a separate 'Internal Audit' service to clients when their resources are temporarily stretched, although this approach is generally not recommended in the longer term as the considerable 'spin-off' benefits' of Internal Auditing by the organisation's own staff would be missed.

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