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Quality & Environmental Management FAQs, West Midlands, UK : Quality Assurance Services

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1.   Although I am the CEO I seem to spend most of my time lecturing my staff on the need for better discipline in the business. The same mistakes keep on being made every few months and I have to sort them out. It is very expensive and time-consuming. Can you help?

 2.   As Quality Manager, fairly well down the Management Tree, I seem to get the blame for everybody’s mistakes. My bosses only pay lip service to the rules of the business and seldom support me when I try to sort things out. Can you help?

 3.   Our product is first class, but it is let down by poor delivery and mediocre customer support. We only stay in business because we employ an aggressive sales team who find us lots of new customers at discounted prices. We put in a good show initially for the first few orders then we get behind or make mistakes. As a consequence we soon lose them. It’s so debilitating. The trouble is that the boss only listens to the Sales Dept and doesn’t understand the real in-house problems. Can you help?

 4.   Stock control is our problem: it’s almost non-existent. Senior Management thinks that buying state-of-the-art software is all that has to be done. We have minimal discipline in the shipping department and limited resources to keep our records up to date. Consequently order quantities get swapped without leaving records of the changes and promises are then made by Sales that cannot be met. Then there’s a witch-hunt and we, in the Scheduling Department, usually get the blame. I never thought that I, in the Logistics Department, would say it, but we really need some 'Quality Assurance' to sort it out. Can you help? 

 5.   The trouble with our company is that all the strong personalities are in the Engineering department. They get away with murder at management meetings because of their education, quicker wits and debating skills. They design what they think the customer wants and often they are so wrong. Then they blame manufacturing when the products don't sell!  Can you help?

 6.   In our trade sector you can’t get the staff these days. They come from school with no idea of a good day’s work. All they want to do is play games on computers or text on their smartphones. If we try to train them up, they just leave to get more money elsewhere. Can you help?

 7.   Preventive maintenance is a waste of money. I prefer to have standby equipment and then bring it into action when the main line breaks down. The trouble is: my customers don’t agree and keep on marking me down when they come to do audits. This affects my Quality Rating and can hinder our marketing efforts. Can you help?

 8.   We have a modern factory with good equipment and products. Consistency is our problem: we don’t seem to be able to control our processes to the levels expected by our customers. The Quality Department always claims to have the answers, but nobody listens to them. Can you help?

 9.   We’ve tried to use FMEA methodology to manage our design and process risks, but we seem always to be going round in circles. One day a situation is said to be a ‘cause’ and the next day it is an ‘effect’. It’s all very confusing. Can you help?

 10. Our Internal Audit Team is pathetic. We’ve got a team of inexperienced youngsters who don’t understand our processes. All they can do is quote procedures at us. They frequently ask the wrong questions and get into arguments. When they do find a problem they back off as soon as the management gets involved. Can you help?

 11. We are in the process of introducing a formal Quality System to comply with ISO 9001:2015. Very soon somebody will have to address the workforce and explain the changes. That person will probably get a lot of flak from the jokers and cynics that work here. I have a horrible feeling that person is going to be me! Can you help?

 12. We became approved to ISO 9001:2000 in October 2003 using the 'transition process' to upgrade from the previous 1994 version. Transition allowed us to keep our old procedure structure (4.1 to 4.20), add new content where necessary and provide a cross reference chart. After 13 years of operating we wish that we had started again in 2003 with a new set of procedures to suit the business need and exactly matching the new standard.

       We are faced with the same problem again now. We have to 'Transition' to ISO 9001:2015 within the next two years. To re-write our procedures and address the new content would require the resources of time - and concentration away from day-to-day pressures - that we do not have. Could you help?

If your situation is similar to any of the above, the answer is: "Yes, we can!".

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