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Process Control & Improvement, West Midlands, UK : Quality Assurance Services

Process Control

The requirement for Continual Improvement in ISO 9001 is daunting to some organisations on first sight. Those involved in ISO 14001 will be aware of the requirement to improve environmental results - year on year.

In fact the structure of both standards makes the  selection of continual improvement subjects a relatively easy and logical task.

Firstly, the information and analysis necessary to make 'CI' possible is mandatory from other elements of ISO 9001. It follows then that if a systematic approach is employed the answers tend to fall into place.

We encourage and train our clients’ staffs to follow this method and we are frequently asked to lead or co-ordinate a project team for this activity.  Our experience is that after two or three project meetings the activity usually takes off and runs itself.

We are then able to prioritize problems and look at process techniques, tooling or controls that need development or improvement.

Methods used vary widely according to the process, information or product that is to be delivered. Very often both product and process need to be assessed progressively at key stages of the overall sequence, together with process history, known problems and output requirements.

Following a review of the existing or planned processes and the required output characteristics, the controls necessary are determined with the aim of optimising output in terms of volume and quality while at the same time minimising total costs.

Control techniques involved vary from simple self checks by process operators, independent checks by supervisors or other persons to more sophisticated methodology or devices using new technology, as appropriate to process need.

Allied to process controls is the need to understand the process and its natural variation. We therefore place heavy emphasis on operator and supervisor training before regarding a new process as ‘commissioned’.

Our extensive training programmes on process control include:

Process-based analysis, charting methods, understanding variation, risk analysis, FMEA for design, process and machinery, Process Capability Studies, Statistical Process Control, Problem Solving, Design of Experiments, Continual Improvement etc – as well as the necessary training for Quality Systems and Internal Audit. We also design ‘ad hoc’ training modules to suit a client’s specific training needs.

Every organisation has processes: and most have as their output a service, a product or information, all of which need to be controlled. If you have a process or quality problem, maybe we can help.

Remember: Quality System requirement or not, if you are not improving, most of your competitors are and so, relatively, you could be falling behind.

If this worries you, give us a call.


We are 'hands-on' and competitively priced.

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