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Project Management, Part Time, West Midlands, UK : Quality Assurance Services

Project Management

Very often, when small companies decide to develop a new product or extend their facilities they quickly realise that the skills needed for a successful outcome go far beyond those initially envisaged when the project was in the 'embryo' stage.

To hire a professional Project Manager with all the skills needed would be an unaffordable expense, and the question would arise, "What will we do with him/her when the project is complete?".

This question, of course, would always arise during the hiring process and would not be easy to answer.

Another solution would be to hire an 'Interim Manager' who likes the 'buzz' obtained from short term contracts and is well used to moving on without tears when the task has been completed. To compensate for their lack of security Interim Managers generally command a very high fee for their services, and expect to be able to "hit the ground running" when they start.

This level of activity is often neither expected nor wanted during the early days of a project, when the people involved are still 'feeling their way' forward.

We offer an alternative that makes a good compromise. We call it Part-time Project Management.

Part-time Project Management allows flexibility in the time and therefore the cost of engagement and has the advantage to the client that the premium rates mentioned above are not involved.

Frequently a Part-time Project starts gently as a Consultancy Project and then as confidence develops between consultant and client the consultant is asked to manage the project in a more formal way.

In other situations the Project Manager is appointed to establish a structure to get things moving and is then asked to train up a member of the client's staff who later takes over as Project Manager.

Typical activities that can be handled in this way include:

Design & development of new products

Design and development of new processes

Advanced Quality Planning (titled APQP in automotive industry)

Introduction of training programmes

New communications initiatives

Quality or Environmental Management programmes

Supply Chain Development programmes.

Applications for funding or approval schemes.


If you have a need for a Part-time Project Manager, maybe we can help.



We are 'hands-on' and competitively priced.

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